north lands art byre symposium 2016 / by Hannah Gason

In July I had the pleasure of visiting North Lands Creative Glass for the Art Byre Professional Studio Symposium in Northern Scotland, with the support of artsACT funding. Conversations with Michael Rogers, Silvia Levenson, Karlyn Sutherland, (Emily Nachison was unable to attend) and other participating artists were invaluable. I found the stark landscape to be a strong contrast to my typical surroundings in Canberra. I was in awe of the intensity of the light. I found it mesmerising. The colours of the landscape shifted with changing views. I thought often of how the light in Australia is something that I try to capture in my artwork. I became particularly aware of the low cover of the clouds. I grew to realise that one of the aspects that I have been trying to convey in my work is the openness of Australia’s sky and the feeling of vast space.