bullseye residency / by Hannah Gason

I've just returned from a month-long residency at the Bullseye Glass Co. factory in Portland, with talented artists Lea Douglas, Marina Hanser, and Ruth Oliphant. This was an amazing experience, with great support from the Bullseye Research & Education team and a generous welcome from the Sales & Marketing team. It was really a treat to see the factory in action, and the time and care that goes into each sheet of glass. Having the full range of Bullseye products on hand, in addition to the knowledge and expertise of their staff, helped me to explore lots of new ideas. I feel really excited now to develop these ideas further.

Many thanks to Lea, Marina and Ruth and the Bullseye family - especially Lani and Dan, Michael, Sam, Ted, Tom, Opie, and Paul.

(More pictures are available here.)